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  ZENON JOFFE 30.11.2011   
  I knew Max well personally during the period of time he lived and worked in Szczecin(Poland)(in the course 1960s), we were friends. It wasn't perhaps the happiest period in his private life but very intense artistically and personally. At certain moment we intended to collaborate on a theatrical project (pantomime), unfortunately, the political climat in the country forced me to emigration in 1969, so we never met again, which I regret very much. 30.11.2011.  
  Please visit my Regards  
  ALICCEGORRRENZ 26.07.2009   
  Hello! My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music  
  ALEXWEBMASTER 04.03.2009   
  Hello webmaster I would like to share with you a link to your site write me here  
  CATMAN WEBB 14.05.2008   
  Very nice website. Found my way here from Jeff Bedrick's. Great art. I am envious of people with real talent.
  IVAN 27.11.2007   
  Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)  
  JUST VISITING 24.11.2007   
  Very nice work, Thanx :)  
  PAOLA TREVISAN 27.06.2006   
  Great website, I enjoyed my visit. Thanks Paola
  MACHO 14.06.2006   
  Great work!  
  MICHÈLE VINCENT 30.05.2006   
  Hello, Michele Vincent invites you to register in the International Directory of Best Art Websites. I intend to conceive a Directory of quality wich allows to the impassioned Net Surfers of paintings and other kinds of Art to find an important choice of what interests them. After having visited and having appreciated your website, I would like that it appears in this Directory. Directoy which evolve during a lot of years and wich will be indexed in the majority of the search engines thoughout the world (indexed with the name : Annuaire Toplist Art). Inscription is free, just go to this page :, select your language, (in the down of the page), and to click on the «register» button. If you have any questions or problems, you can find answers at this adress : You can also register your website for nothing in the Links Directory of International Art (http://www.arts-fantas
  LIAM O'KEEFE 23.05.2006   
  STEPHEN SZOC 22.05.2006   
  Hello, Just came across your website. As you can see my last name is Szoc as well. My granparents were both from Poland however I unfortunately know next to nothing about them. My father Zigmond was born in 1925  
  NORRYN 15.05.2006   
  Scary!!!! fabulous work!!!!  
  FRANZ 15.05.2006   
  Eine sehenswerte Seite - so was sieht man nicht alle Tage! Auch die Infos waren ein Genus, die man sich reinziehn muss, dafür lässt man „deren Zeit“ auch gerne verwehen, als wär’s ein Blatt das sich im Winde dreht. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Künstler & Autor Forstmeier Franz  
  JOHN 02.04.2006   
  Hi Max The painintg of the seagull and the Torrey Canyon impressed me greatly. I like the seagull's pristime condition, while the wreck of the Torrey Canyon lurks menacingly on the horizon. It is very evocative of nature verses the dark side of man. Thanks John  
  STANELY 09.03.2006   
  Thank you for being generous with your resources... I hope that you will receive more than you need for your time and energy. Keep at work!  
  JEFSTAKE 08.03.2006   
  I must confuses your site is really cool!!! Great site, great idea, just all round great work, everyone.  
  JEFSTAKE 08.03.2006   
  A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!  
  PKORJOWA@GMAIL.COM 08.03.2006   
  WOW ! very informative ...and i like those pics of ur nephew , so cute !! can see that u put a lot of effort in it so KEEP IT UP !  
  MICHEL KECK 05.02.2006   
  Hello. We would like to offer you a free exhibit space on the first pixel site dedicated entirely to artists! Our web site is Our goal is is to run free online art exhibits and have prize pools for artists, all services and exhibits are free to the artists. So feel free to place a free ad, or link to the artists directory. The site is still very much in the works, we are adding voting polls, free art classifieds, free artists link directory, an art news feed, etc. -- once we get more artists on board we are going to try and obtain sponsorships from art magazines, art supply companies, etc to give away prizes, cash prizes and other.. say art services, art supplies etc. to winning artists. I'd like to invite you to show your art on the wall of art exhibit page. - the form is not working properly for people to do their own free submissions yet so if you would like to put an image in the exhibit please just send us an image of one of y
  GILBERT BURT 04.02.2006   
  refreshing, provoking  
  TOBIAS BROWN 28.01.2006   
  Nice Site!
  JULIETTE PELLETIER 16.01.2006   
  As the Director of Reflect-Arts, Inc., would like to invite you to submit to the exhibit to Circus Surreal 2006, taking place at Micro Museum in New York May of 2006. The deadline is March 1, 2006. Below is a link to some more information on the show as well as a link to the application form. Please pass this on to any artists you know that may be interested. You must have an address in the US to apply. Regards, Juliette Pelletier, Director, Reflect-Arts, Inc. Circus Surreal 2006 will be an extravaganza of art work in all mediums, the theme encourages the artist to interpret this notion with their personal imagination and craft. The exhibit will run from May 1 to May 31, 2006 at Micro Museum, 123 Smith Street in Brooklyn, NY. The opening event for Circus Surreal 2006 will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2006 starting at 6 pm and will also include performances, open bar and hors d’oeuvres. Artists chosen to participate will receive invitations to distribute; Micro Mu  
  ???? 15.01.2006   
  DOLLY 03.01.2006   
  Cool site!!. Congratulations for your web.
  KATE 27.12.2005   
  I send you my warmest congratulations for your nice homepage. Congratulations for your web
  BRENT 22.12.2005   
  where can i purchase prints of Max Szoc's works? also, what is the correct way to pronounce Szoc?  
  VICKI 12.12.2005   
  Love the paintings First Sin and Birthday, real risks taken! bravo  
  HANIF 10.12.2005   
  your site is nice
  JOHN BURKE 03.12.2005   
  what you do is good work ! what do you think about mine ? thank you
  JOHN BURKE 03.12.2005   
  Great picture's /i love the emotion behind this !..
  CHARLES LEWIS 18.11.2005   
  Hello Max- I really like your artwork. I put a link to you on my site: If you want to link back, that would be cool. Regards, Charles Lewis (in California)
  KATHERINA 17.11.2005   
  Nice site, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks. Good idea to do the web this way. Congratulations for your web
  JON BEINART 18.10.2005   
  Hi Max. My name is Jon Beinart and I represent a publishing group dedicated to Surreal and Visionary Art. We are interested in publishing your work in a book featuring 90 international Surreal and Visionary living artists. The 200 page book will be published in July 2006. Each Artist will have 2-3 pages with full colour reproductions of their work and an artists statement (100-300 words). It will be sold internationally in book stores and on the internet. A few Artists already confirmed are: Andrew Gonzalez Laurie Lipton Brigid Marlin Oleg Korolev Dominic Ryan Kim Evans Leo Plaw  
  I think the quote on your website is amazing, makes me proud to be a person who wants to embrace life, and find out who I am good luck with life  
  SERGEI CHERNENKO 21.09.2005   
  Hello, My name is Sergei Chernenko, I would like to invite you to discover my work, surreal and mystical paintings,drawings,etchings. You can take a look at my websites : where all my lastest artworks are currently being presented Thank you for your attention Sergei Chernenko
  BOB 08.08.2005   
  Max Found your work to be really excellent. Stop in and visit We are an international arts site.Be sure to take a look at our join us section.There is no cost to artists for exhibiting their work on the site. Looking forward to hearing from you. Again was a pleasure viewing your work. Best to you Bob  
  FERNANDO STRAUSS 05.08.2005   
  I visited your art website recently and was impressed. I am an australian artist based in Santiago, Chile and am writing to ask if you would like to exchange links. My site details are: SITE TITLE Art of Fernando Strauss SITE DESCRIPTION Contemporary surreal artist - featuring surreal paintings keyed by Zen and meditation. SITE ADDRESS LINKS Kind regards Fernando Strauss  
  SPOOK 04.08.2005   
  pleasw tell me where i might purchase some either in books, posters prints  
  SPOOKL 04.08.2005   
  love the drawings. raw and exposed. unashamed emotion  
  FERNANDO STRAUSS 03.08.2005   
  I am an australian artist based in Santiago, Chile and am writing to ask if you would like to exchange links. My site is Regards Fernando strauss  
  ROTARY 4840 ASUNCION CATEDRAL 31.07.2005   
  ANDY 21.07.2005   
  very inspiring artwork. Im studying art, and hope to become a painter. I hope my work in the future will have its own aura, just as yours does :)  
  HEBE ALIOTO 06.07.2005   
  PRIIT PAJOS 01.07.2005   
  Hello. Great artsite! Is it possible to be listed in Your Fellow artists list as a link partner? Best wishes, Priit Pajos - Estonian painter
  JUAN CARLOS OTANO 17.06.2005   
  Dear people of Max Szoc's: We write to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we are attempting to reconstitue a new surrealist group and to bring some contribution to the international scene. We have already a data base in internet with "historical" documentation about surrealism and theorical writings bring to us by several contemporary groups. Our site: is addressed to the spanish speaking world. His principal contributions are from Latinamerican and Spanish groups and from another countries (in Spanish versions). The reason of this letter is to invite you to visit and know our files. Yours truly, JUAN CARLOS OTANO CELIA GOURINSKI MARIELA ARZADUN LEANDRO RAMIREZ NANCU RUPAY Archivo Surrealista Grupo Surrealista del Río de la Plata Buenos Aires Argentina.  
  MATT 26.04.2005   
  awsome stuff. very inspiring. come and be inspired by me.
  CINDY LEE 22.04.2005   
  Greetings from California. Fabulous paintings I especially enjoy your cloudy moon lit skies... Warm Regards, Cindy Lee
  BESIM ZOGAJ 22.04.2005   
  may hards  
  MARCO 01.04.2005   
  Congratulations on your awe inspiring work. Great website too!!!Any chance of a link up?Check out what I do on Take care n I wish you a creative weekend ahead. Positive vibes, Marco
  HAMID 07.03.2005   
  Dear Max, good to be back again. Magic Art Xtra speziell! Go on like this, Greetings from Bensheim/Kabul, HAMID
  ZEB SHAFFER 26.02.2005   
  wonderfull work. have you done any more since 79?. i am an american surrealist you can see my work at www.zebshaffer,com
  JOSE INOCENCIO III 16.02.2005   
  hi max! hooooray philippines!!!!!!!!! i like ur painting dude. specially schizophrenia and icarus! keep da good wrk dudes......  
  CARLOTA DE PIO 16.02.2005   
  hi i'm from davao philippines. i'm also a painter. your works are beautiful. thank you for sharing them in the internet, they are very inspiring. carlota  
  MAURICIO TOULUMSIS 13.02.2005   
  Max: I love your art that green subtype back in your works is special, I am a surreal artist as well, I also love the phrase you wrote about why the artists deseve eternal life,your way to present the images us unique, I hope to see one of your exhibitions and meet you in person, by now I just wish you continue developingh your being thought your paintings, The best for you.  
  STAIBO 05.02.2005   
  Nice artwork! Please check out my website and sign my guestbook too!
  DAVN 28.01.2005   
  DUSTY 24.01.2005   
  Hi, I am impressed by your paintings. It was very nice to visit your website. Good luck to you and greatings, Dusty  
  DANIEL 06.01.2005   
  Hey, I'm Daniel from a metal band based in the US called Guillotine. You can check our website out at The reason I posted was because we have a full length cd coming out soon and we don't have our cover art for it yet! The CD title is going to be "Off With Their Heads" so if you could it'd be cool to have something related, but ANYTHING is greatly appreciated. Hope to hear back from all you great artists here! Thanks in advance, Daniel
  JB 31.12.2004   
  very impressive!  
  KEE1 13.12.2004   
  I have never hered of you in my life BUT i entered yoer site through a search for wied, surreal pictures.But i ended up looking at every single picture on this site and i was very pleased. Some of these images and pictures will stay in my hmind for a long time. thanks.  
  SOMEBODY 12.12.2004   
  this was the best site i have ever seen! i am going to recommend it to a friend who loves paintings. thank you for allowing me to visit.  
  APRIL T. 07.12.2004   
  i just wanted to tell you that your art is very vibrant and moving. i ran across it in a google search and your work really drew me in. as an artist myself i am trying to make a point of letting people know that thier work has touched me because i think it is so important for people to know. keep up the good work. :)  
  LIS 28.11.2004   
  Hello, my name is Lis, and I'm only 14 years old, but I can say dat I really love your paints! They are incredable, beautiful!! Don't stop painting! Your work is fantastic! Lots of greets from Belgium...  
  RICH HUGHES 21.11.2004   
  Dear Max, I wonder what happened to the old Surrealities. Did you take it over? I appreciate your work. richy  
  TON HARING 06.11.2004   
  Dear Max, I am asurrealistic painter and a musician from Holland and I really love your work!  
  PAUL N GRECH 03.11.2004   
  Hello, I stumbled across your website, and I must say I am quite impressed by your surrealist work. I am an artist as well, and I was wondering if you add my website to your page of links. You have accumulated a number of inspirational artists, and it would be an honor to reside among such talent. Thanks, Paul
  ALAN FAITH 21.10.2004   
  Dear Max.. I find your art work beautiful and expressive... i wish you all the best. Alan Faith  
  ANDREW C STEWART 21.10.2004   
  I enjoyed your outstanding artwork. I am a artist to based in Nottingham UK, It's good to see high quality art.
  Really nice work, I enjoyed my visit, and will do so again in the near future. I wish you all the best with it. If you ever have time, check my website out. Hope to see you there. SALVATORE DI GIOVANNA (SURREAL VISIONARY ART)
  NATASHA 13.10.2004   
  Yuo are SUPPER! I like yuor paintings.I am from Odessa!  
  MATT 11.10.2004   
  good stuff. interesting  
  ABID KHAN 03.10.2004   
  I'm very impressed by your site. thanks  
  HAMID 30.09.2004   
  Dear Max, looking here is like flighing away to a horizont without end. Respect to all those great artists. I know there is a lot of work doing this kind of art. Greetings from Germany/Afghanistan HAMID
  MICHAEL DELUCA 17.09.2004   
  Art is endless just like the universe, great art!
  SHVACHKA RONYA 16.09.2004   
  greetings, i was sincerely impressed by your paintings. Would it be possible to exchange links with you?  
  BOB 14.09.2004   
  Max, Your just out there dancin in the ozone with imagination and style. Paint on. Bob
  DEKION 20.08.2004   
  Good god, you're a genius, unbelievable stuff, reminds me of Geiger, Dali, and Magritte, truly awesome. EXCELLENT!  
  DEKION 20.08.2004   
  Wow, amazing artwork Senor, inspired and inspirational. Amazing stuff!
  GEIR JORSTAD 25.07.2004   
  Dear Sir, Rare have I seen paintings that have captured both my heart and soul the way these paintings have. And; "If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?" They would all be in my dreams. Sincerely, Geir  
  VENJAMIN 14.07.2004   
  great site your very talented i have a site of my own check it out if u like my art feel free t add my gallery to your fine collection of artist thanks Venjamin Jimenez
  DEBORAH RICHARDSON 09.07.2004   
  Finding that your work is outstanding, I feel it is worthy of a link on my site. Would you be interested in reciprocal links? My website is at Sincerely, Deborah Richardson
  Hello Max, I loved your site. Are you still painting? Thanks and again, great work.
  BRIGGS 18.06.2004   
  I enjoy your art. Please view ours at Thank you for inspiration! Briggs
  MARION LUCKA 15.06.2004   
  dear max, i am enhusiastic! very great artwork! greetings from marion
  DENISE 09.05.2004   
  D. SZOC 31.03.2004   
  Mr. Szoc, You are an excellent artist, your work is beautiful! So nice to see someone with the same last name too!  
  CENE GAL ISTVAN 12.02.2004   
  Hello Max Szoc, your paintings are very excellent. Congratulations. I love these works.
  BRIAN 10.02.2004   
  I'am in Complete amazement. thats all i can say.  
  ZAHID 18.01.2004   
  Great painter of this time!!!  
  ALEGRA THORNSBURG 03.01.2004   
  Mr. Szoc, i would like to say that i think your work is absolutely captivating. I am an upcoming artist and although i didnt want to fall into surrealism, its where my mind takes me. I have been trying to look at new artwork to inspire me and i think i have found an artist that pleases me both mentally and physically. Although perversed and erotic at the same time, i am intrigued by the visual aspects of your mind. So i would like to say thank you and if i could, get a personal message from you Mr. Szoc that would be much ablidged.  
  JOHN 30.12.2003   
  Hello, I just discovered your site. It's very good. Also, your poetic idea of what an artist is touched me, athough I do not agree with the statement, it really is a wonderful piece of writing.  
  LENA 28.12.2003   
  Everything is great....just great. There was no soul in the most of the drawings I have saw...But in yours.... After I saw your paintings it seems I know you as if you were the person who has been living near to me all of my life...It seems I could saw your soul...  
  ANDREA 05.12.2003   
  I've seen your paintings online and I think they're wonderful. I especially like your 'Incognito' piece.  
  BRUNO DEMARSIN 01.12.2003   
  I really like these paintings. One of my favorites is 'LA PUDEUR' - The empty woman - It's intriguing like all of Max's work. Best regards, Bruno  
  SEUNG-HO KIM 04.11.2003   
  I'm from South Korea, science teacher and artist. While I surfed Internet site here and there, I found this wonderful site. Your works are unique and charming. Thank you!